Discuss your challenges with us. We are specialised in asset management sphere and well placed to offer an end to end solutions.


Proven track record of success, over twenty years experience in developing solutions across the industries and geographical locations.


Always assisting our clients during production deployment regardless of the destination. We do offer hosted solutions as well.


Our story does not end up with production deployment. We are here to continuously monitor, support and provide useful advice when needed.

Featured products

Based on our experience we can offer following fully in-house developed, maintained and supported products


Structural Inspections

Cloud-based solution that helps you extend assets life with minimum maintenance cost. Streamlines your business process by allowing your teams to work together and accommodate to their needs. Stores complete asset condition history together with associated risk and outputs actions ordered by priority model and condition rating.


Vibration Measurement

VibCloud is cloud based, professional route-based vibration measurement solution. It is the future in vibration analysis and can replace all the existing bulky expensive and outdated data collectors. It will help you to reduce breakdowns by easy implementation of vibration condition monitoring program and solving equipment problems.

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Defect Elimination

RCA Cloud is a cloud based problem solving / root cause analysis solution. Facilitates strong defect elimination culture, makes the process easy to execute, manages risk, reuse existing knowledge, provides visibility while managing secure access for all parties involved. Incident Investigator is a cost-effective solution that will help you improve your plant reliability.

Over 15+ unique solutions constructed

in different industries and geographical locations

Mining, Ports, Environment, Water Utilities, Consulting...


Inspection management

Integrated inspection management and condition analysis solution operating on the cloud and Android mobile devices; Deployed over 16 different instances.

Asset strategy development

Web based solutions designed to assist specialists during asset strategy, master data and functional location development. Operates with Oracle AM, Ellipse and SAP. Used by 14 different clients.

eLearning solutions

Deployment of Learning Content Management System and Learning Management System on client intranet (Australia and Asia region). Working together with vendor to overcome industry problems.

Isolation Procedures management

Developed isolation solution that capture and collate isolation point characteristics, isolation documentation development and tailored reports for auditing functions.

Our commitment

We offer end to end solutions, from initial consultancy and design phases right through to deployment and ongoing support.

Initial consulting

Work closely with the client to fully understand their wants and needs. Develop solution plan and timeline. To complete this phase, evaluate and align with the client expectations.

Client Visit


Incremental product development following and delivering on specifications prepared in the previous phase. We do engage client at this stage for acceptance testing.

iTnnovate office


After final testing and acceptance testing are confirmed product would be deployed on the cloud. Note data sensitive cases we work with local IT and do deploy on the client infrastructure.


Ongoing Support

Provide appropriate application training and validate product is used as intended. Furthermore, deliver maintenance services and work on enhancing the software and cope with newly discovered faults.

iTnnovate office

Our Clients

Quality and service represents the core of sustaining relationship with our valued clientele.

Our Partners

Here at iTnnovate we value the power of network

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